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    Contact Details
    Phone:   +64 9 551 4243
    Mobile:   +64 22 358 9551
    Email:     info@kraviscorp.net

    Physical Address
    Street:                    1 / 46 Tawhiri Road
    Suburb:                  One Tree Hill
    City:                         Auckland
    Postal Code:        1061
    Country:                 New Zealand

    Postal Address
    Company Name:        Kravis Corporation Limited
    PO Box Number          P.O. Box 87-069, Meadowbank
    City:                               Auckland
    Postal Code:               1742
    Country:                        New Zealand

    Professional Advisors
    Contact details for our business partners are available by clicking the link to Our Team.

    Accounts Enquiries
    For any accounts enquiries, please email accounts@kraviscorp.net

    General Enquiries
    For any general enquiries, please email info@kraviscorp.net

    Our Website
    Please visit our web site: www.kraviscorp.net for news updates about Kravis and its

    •        If you are an existing client and the address details we have for you are
    incorrect, please email info@kraviscorp.net quoting your client number as the Subject
    of your email and bring us up to date.

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