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Business Advisory Services

We are business entrepreneurs ourselves and we take pride of our years of professional experience in providing business advisory
services to small-and-medium sized businesses.  We help business entrepreneurs fill their need for value-adding solutions transforming
them into more investment-worthy and professionally-run businesses.

The following are some of the types of advisory services we have completed for our commercial clients where we have a high level of
confidence in successfully undertaking such projects.

•        Strategic consulting
•        Raising capital
•        Deal negotiation and facilitation role
•        Management and operations review
•        Other Value-Added Business Solutions

Our Business Advisory Approach

Regardless of what your objectives are that you would like us to achieve for your business, we always aim to develop the best solutions to
your needs by undertaking the following approach broken down into five phases:

Phase I –         We sensibly listen and understand your needs and business requirements.
•        What specific professional assistance do you need from us?
•        What are your expectations and requirements?
•        What other items are important to you that we should be aware of?

Phase II –     We carefully listen and understand what your business is all about.
•        What is the nature of your business?
•        What drives your revenues and profits?
•        What differentiates you from others i.e. what makes your business unique?
•        What are your competitive advantages, strengths and opportunities?
•        What have you done well?
•        Are you open to having new business partners or co-owners?
•        What can a new partner or owner contribute to improve your business?
•        What extent of involvement do you desire in running the business?

Phase III –    We identify and develop alternative solutions to achieving the business objectives that we have established in Phase I.  
•        We will work closely with you in explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each identified alternative solutions to aid you in your
business decision making.
•        If you are selling a part or the whole of your business, we will provide you alternative strategies as to the best way to present your
business to potential investors or buyers to optimise financial outcomes.

Phase IV –    We identify and gather the resources required including identifying and managing a team of professionals (e.g. IT experts, tax
specialist, lawyer etc.) necessary for the successful implementation of the business solution(s) we identified in Phase III.

Phase V –     We assume the role of being your representative and facilitator, if necessary, and we manage the whole process successfully
to completion in accordance with the mandate.  Wherever and whenever applicable, we:
•        Market your business to the right people.
•        Protect your confidential information.
•        Proactively manage the necessary negotiations and legal agreements.
•        Maximise efficiency and minimise hassle with effective co-ordination and communication with concerned parties.
•        Anticipate and answer questions by third parties interested in your business.
•        Ensure that everyone and everything is in place for the successful transition.

Please contact us now if you want us to be your business advisor or if you would like to speak to us about your business needs or
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