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About Us
Kravis Corporation was established in 2004 with principal office in Auckland, New Zealand.  It is in the business of providing professional advisory
services to small-and-medium-sized businesses and private individuals by referring them to our professional partners who are experts in their
respective fields.

We help business entrepreneurs fill their need for value-adding solutions transforming them into more investment-worthy and professionally-run
businesses by referring them to our director who has expertise in providing varied business advisory services to a wide range of commercial clients.

Likewise, we help private individuals achieve their personal goals – goals that our clients cannot attend to either due to their busy schedules or due
to lack of knowledge and information necessary to achieve such goals.  We have a partner, a New Zealand practising lawyer, who listens to the
needs of our clients and works closely with them in identifying the best solutions for their needs.

All our business partners are highly professional, friendly, approachable, and carefully listen to the needs of our clients.   They keep themselves
updated with the latest relevant policies, legislations and business practices, allowing them to provide clients with up to date information.  

Our Guiding Principles

  • We hold all information disclosed by our clients with the highest degree of confidentiality.
  • We ensure that our clients are provided with the best solutions for their needs.
  • We enter into service contracts only on matters where we have full confidence that we can promptly and accurately deliver the objectives as
    agreed with our clients.

Our Approach

Whether you are a commercial client needing business advisory services or a private individual client needing professional help such as
immigration advisory, we apply the same professional approach.

If you are a business entrepreneur, we will refer you to our in-house business advisor and she will work with you to tailor a strategy structured to your
business and objectives.  On the other hand, if you are a private individual needing professional legal help, we will refer you to our in-house lawyer.  
Our business partners are driven by their aim to develop the best solutions to your needs by:

1.        Fully understanding your needs, expectations and requirements.
2.        Fully understand your current business circumstances or personal circumstances.
3.        Closely work with you in identifying and developing value-adding solutions or best solutions to your business or personal requirements.
4.        Protecting your confidential business or personal information at all times.
5.        Answering your questions comprehensively.
6.        Managing your case, project or process efficiently and successfully to completion.
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