Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1.  Can I work while studying full time in New Zealand?

    While studying, the student is eligible for a 20 hour work permit. Classes are usually only
    for 2 and ½ days per week which gives the student more flexibility in securing
    employment while studying.

    2.  Am I eligible for one year Post- Graduate Job search Visa after my graduation?

    After completing an eligible study programme, the student is eligible for a one year open
    permit under the Graduate Job Search Visa scheme. Contact us now to inquire what
    eligible study courses are.

    3. Apart from the school tuition fee, how much funds do I need?

    Students must also have adequate funds for their maintenance in New Zealand. This is
    estimated by Immigration New Zealand to be $1, 250 per month ($15, 000 for one year).

    4. What do I need to prove I have adequate funds?

    Some options to show that a student has adequate funds would be bank certificates
    covering 6 months preceding the date of the visa application, bank certificates from
    guarantors, participation in the Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS), or having sponsors who are
    New Zealand  residents or citizens. More information can be found from the Immigration
    New Zealand website.

    5.  When are the next course opening dates?

    Courses have different intake dates. Health- related courses have several intakes, such
    as April 2016, May 2016, July, etc.  Culinary Arts and Hospitality intakes dates are April
    2016, July 2016 and October 2016. While Business courses intakes dates are  April 2016,
    June 2016, September and October 2016.

    Contact us to inquire intake dates of other courses.  Enrollment now ongoing.

    6.  When do I pay the school tuition fee?

    The course fee is payable after your student visa is approved. The course fee for the
    second year programme is payable on the second year and likewise after the student
    visa for the second year is approved. There are other cost such as for uniforms,
    workbooks, plane fares and others which are not included in the course fee.   
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