New Zealand Immigration Advisory

All Immigration services are provided by Tony Lozada, Barrister.

I started in 2005 as a general practice that later on focused on immigration matters from EOI and residency application under the Skilled Migrant Category, work visa application and student visa application for students coming to study.

As a migrant I am all too familiar with the difficulty, stress and toll that it takes to carry out the filing of EOI, residency and work visa application including completing and complying with INZ requirements.  As your immigration lawyer I will handle the uncertainties of your application and alleviate your worries as to what, how and when of your personal details in order to successfully process your application.

Changes in immigration policies occur on a fairly regular basis and the COVID-19 global pandemic gave rise to new policies and procedures relating to ongoing applications and stricter border measures.  Despite this I was able to successfully obtain a visa for my client and facilitate her entry in the country.

I work with different individuals, firms and teams to achieve results for my clients. I team up with either an education provider or an education advisor to assist clients who wish to come on a student visa.  This assures smooth entry for the client and paves the way for obtaining a work visa and possible residence years later. Studying in New Zealand is one of the best pathways that I have helped clients to successfully migrate, obtain residency, and gain citizenship. I also work pro bono with Community Law Centres outside Auckland to provide advice on refugee matters and s61 request for those who are not and may not be qualified for residency under the policy.

Successfully migrating in New Zealand doesn’t happen overnight but I can significantly make the process less stressful and less inconvenient for you and your family. I will guide you throughout your application and advise you of the options and opportunities that you can take to obtain the visa you want or the residence that you dream of.

Let’s start the process for you and tell me something about yourself by filling out the form. I’m sure that we can come up with a successful path for you.