New Zealand is now a leading destination for international students to gain globally recognized qualifications which could serve as an alternative pathway to work and live in this amazingly beautiful, peaceful and prosperous country. Today, New Zealand is now home to millions of migrants from all over the world enjoying the balanced lifestyle the country has to offer.


New Zealand tertiary education providers  offering a diverse range of engineering programmes use the latest techniques, technologies, and equipment which reflect international industry standards. International students will be learning from industry-respected tutors in New Zealand modern engineering and trade’s education facilities. Click here for the list of popular New Zealand qualifications in the field of engineering and architecture.
New Zealand education providers offering internationally recognized New Zealand qualifications in teaching particularly in the field of early childhood education are approved by the  New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).  New Zealand qualifications in education range from certificate level to master’s level including programmes for those wishing to pursue New Zealand teacher registration.  The goal of the education providers is to empower its students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs that will enable them to be effective early childhood educators. Click here for the popular New Zealand qualifications in teaching early childhood education.

New Zealand tertiary education providers offering the Bachelor of Nursing use theoretical and clinical learning experiences designed to educate and support students to become a New Zealand registered nurse, capable of working in a range of multicultural settings. There is a high demand for nurses both throughout New Zealand, and globally.  While studying, you will have the opportunity to provide nursing care to health consumers and communities in supervised environments. Here you can build your knowledge and skills so that as a graduate, you can step straight into the workforce feeling confident and work-ready. Click here for the popular New Zealand qualifications in healthcare.

Technology is constantly changing the way we live, and IT professionals such as programmers, security specialists, and administrators are in high demand.  New Zealand tertiary education providers offer a range of IT programmes which include development with employers – students will learn relevant skills covering the latest developments in the industry. There is focus on practical application where students won’t just learn the theory as they’ll learn how to apply because that’s what they’ll be doing in the workplace. Click here for the various New Zealand qualifications related to IT.

Studying applied science involves learning both the theory and practical skills that you can apply immediately to the workplace after you graduate. As a science student at you can choose from a number of pathways including biotechnology, environmental technology, food technology, and agritechnology. Click here for the various New Zealand qualifications relating to applied science.

Hotel management courses will provide students key business, hospitality skills and knowledge through 30 weeks of lecture style delivery. Students will also receive real life hotel operations learning in either food and beverage or room division. After successful completion of on campus operations, students will enter the paid industry placement program. The paid internship positions will either be in food and beverage or rooms division at top hotels in New Zealand. Click here for the various qualifications in hotel management and hospitality.

New Zealand tertiary education providers that offer programmes in creative arts and designs are focused in helping students grow their creativity.   Students work on real world projects and learn from leading industry professionals. From day one, students will use digital design software, 3D printers, laser cutters and other state-of-the-art creative technologies. Click here for sample New Zealand qualifications in creative arts and digital media.

New Zealand tertiary education providers offering business programmes are focused on helping students gain applied business knowledge and hands-on skills connected to local industry so they can hit the ground running as soon as they graduate.  Students can choose a single or double major in Accounting, Management or Marketing or other key areas of management. Click here for the various courses relating to business, accounting and marketing.

New Zealand education providers offering cookery courses to students who want to be a baker, chef or barista in a local café or work in an international hotel chain ensure that students will have the hands-on-skills to create rewarding experiences for customers in the culinary and hospitality industry that is constantly evolving.  The schools ensure that students will have a future-proof career in bakery or cookery by combining advanced knowledge and supervision expertise.  Students learn from professionals and get real-world experience in the schools’  kitchens, restaurant and bakery, as well as opportunities for work experience at industry events and functions.

Throughout the programme, students are able to develop advanced cooking skills and learn the skills they need to lead a kitchen.  They will gain experience in cooking and presenting a range of dishes in its world-class kitchen facilities.  Further the students’ understanding of restaurant management where they learn how to plan, develop and cost menus and manage staff.   They will also get real-world experience on work placements in restaurants.  Hence, its graduates will be ready to take on a managerial role in a professional kitchen. Click here for the popular professional cookery qualifications in New Zealand.

Click here for the various English Language Programmes offered in New Zealand.